Men’s Avatar Makeover Kits in Second Life™ Shengri La

Ruth to Ruthless Men's avatar makeover kit

Ruth to Ruthless Men

The Fashion Research Institute is pleased to present a new avatar makeover kit for men in the Shengri La Welcome Area.  The kit contains shapes, skins, eyes, hair, an male avatar overrider, casual, formal and corporate clothing, shoes and boots and watches in silver and gold.

The makeover kit is provided free – buy the kit for $0L.  Contents do not transfer. Three hair styles in six shades and three skin tones are included in the kit, and some components are boxed. 

The full line of women’s makeover kits are also available in the Shengri La Welcome Area.  Visit Shengri La to move past your new resident look.   Ruth to Ruthless™, only in Shengri La.