Jewels of Winter: Missy’s Solo Fashion Show

Please join Fashion Research Institute student intern Missy Lavecchia at her first solo fashion installation for her fashion label, Bella Fantasique. Missy is a senior at Buffalo State University who is working on her internship in avatar apparel with Fashion Research Institute. Missy has been working hard at developing her most recent collection of romantic gowns, which will be featured on Monday, December 7th at 7 pm ET in the Fashion Research Institute Second Life Shengri La Hope region. To attend this event, please follow this link.

Jewels of Winter Student Intern Fashion Installation in Shengri La SL

Please join Fashion Research Institute student intern Missy Lavecchia at her first solo fashion installation for her fashion label, Bella Fantasique. Missy is a senior at Buffalo State University who is working on her internship in avatar apparel with Fashion Research Institute. Missy has been working hard at developing her most recent collection of romantic gowns, which will be featured on Monday, December 7th at 7 pm ET in the Fashion Research Institute Second Lfie Shengri La Hope region.

A dozen gorgeous ladies and four sizzling gentlemen will model Missy’s romantic gowns in a perfect winter wonderland setting designed by FRI CEO Shenlei Winkler.  The gowns will be shown in movement as well as still so that visitors may see how the gowns flow and the details of Missy’s work.  Please join us for the end of semester showing for Missy Lavecchia.

Artist Opening on Shengri La: The Photography of Prandi Capalini

The Photography of Prandi Capalini

An exhibit of the SL photography of Prandi Capalini
at The Small Gallery, Shengri La

Sunday  November  1 – Sunday December 13

From his first postcard to Snapzilla 6 months ago, Prandi has provided a unique view of Second Life through the eyes of an old wandering sailor.  Saturated monotones and exceptional use of light give his images the feel of a different time and place, and lead the viewer to wonder what story each one shows us a glimpse of.  With over 900 images now shown on Snapzilla, Prandi has selected his favourites to be shown inworld for the first time.

The Fashion Research Institute invites you to the opening reception of this exhibit on
Sunday Nov 1st from 11 AM – 12.30 PM SL time.

Drop by and meet the artist, and enjoy viewing his work in the tranquil tropical setting of Shengri La.

If you cannot attend the opening, feel free to drop  by the gallery anytime and enjoy the exhibit.

Introducing the Shengri La Marketplace in Shengri La Hope


Fashion Research Institute is pleased to unveil its latest effort designed to help emerging designers and content creators take another step to achieving their dreams.

The Shengri La Marketplace evolved from the emerging designer program, piloted by Fashion Research Institute over the past 18 months.  The Marketplace is a full region development which incorporates runway services, photography sets, and a range of programs intended to help designers reach their next level or professional expertise.

The Markeplace hosts the Designer’s Coop, the Professional Virtua Designer Society, and the Emerging Designer program.

The Designer’s Coop includes meeting space and displays about Fashion Research Institute’s various educational and design programs, a gallery for exhibits and store fronts for some of our past graduates from the emerging designer program.

The Professional Virtua Designer Society is a new program the Institute will be launching.  The Society members will benefit from a comprehensive suite of benefits ranging from major medical and other forms of insurance to member discounts and professional development courses and seminars.

The Emerging Designer Program remains the heart of the Marketplace, with a two-tiered approach to partnering with the Fashion Research Institute. The basic partnership includes basic store front space with full access to the range of runway and photography sets and free admission to a monthly design seminar.  The Emerging Designer partnership includes not just store front space, but the opportunity to mentor directly with CEO Shenlei Winkler. These designers receive focused attention on their brand and their work, with compassionate critique specifically intended to help these designers move their brands forward.  Applications for both levels of partnership are available at the Marketplace.

The Marketplace is also home to a new flagship store for Debutante, which is the Fashion Research Institute’s lab line.  The new Debutante store anchors one corner of the Marketplace, with the other three corners anchored with the runway/photography sets, a special 7-Seas fishing pool and horseback riding area, and in the corner opposite to Debutante, the Designer’s Coop building.

We’ve also created a full roster of events, including runway shows and seminars, to help our designers who are joining the marketplace program.

We’d like to invite all interested parties to join us for a walk-through of the Marketplace on Sunday, October 25th.

You can practice on the new runway system, feed the parrots, or ride around the beaches. Bring your fishing poles, too, so you can try out our ‘special prizes’.    Callipygian Christensen is exhibiting early fashion work for Prim & Proper.  Hunt for the 35 seashells, each containing free special prizes related to the marketplace. The seashell hunt is ongoing through the end of November.

CEO Shenlei Winkler will be speaking about the Marketplace program at 3 pm PT, followed by the ever-talented Kyle Beltran at 4:30 pm PT.

If you are a Second Life fashion designer who is looking for an opportunity to improve your design or business skills, increase your exposure, or just have a group-access runway system waiting for you to show off your newest designs,  then the Shengri La Marketplace may be for you.  If you are a successful Second Life fashion designer who wants access to a regular schedule of “no-hassle” fashion installations, then the marketplace is right for you too.  We invite you to come talk with us, visit the region, see our commitment to success, and make your own decisions about whether a partnership with the Marketplace is right for you.





“Mainely Men” Corporate Men’s Wear in Shengri La Hope


A rare experience: men’s wear presented in visually compelling, interactive, engaging manner.  A dozen handsome male models work a dozen looks, showcasing how different pieces from the Mainely Men collection of corporate men’s wear may be mixed and matched to create very different looks.  Set in a pristine northern forest full of wildlife, please join our models as they showcase looks mixing plaids, windowpanes and twills.

Naturally, what is a fashion installation without swag? Tiny pinecones full of great dude swag are tucked here and there in the set – find them to collect the full set of men’s accessories.  And of course, all of our fashion isntallations are interactive – chat with the models, and in some cases, you can even join in.

Mainely Men showcases the corporate clothing of Debutante, the Fashion Research Institute’s lab line, which anchors the Shengri La Marketplace. Mainely Men will be held Saturday, October 24th, at 4 pm/SLT/7 pm Eastern in the Shengri La Hope region.  Please join us then.


Thirteen Ghosts, and More, in Shengri La


Shengri La will be home to its very own Victorian ghost for the haunting season, as part of the entirely too talented Kyle (Bronsdon) Beltran’s Ghost Hunt, which launches at 7:30 pm PDT on OCtober 1st and goes till the wee haunting hours of October 31st. We’re big fans of Kyle, who was kind enough to compose a special musical composition, which we use as musical support in many of our scrapbook videos (The Fantasia for Shengri La).  To support Kyle’s ghost hunt, we’ve been happy to provide prizes for those ghost hunters who track down our Shengri La ghost (the ghost of sims past, perhaps?).  We’ve added some of our current stock from Debutante (our formal ladies’ wear lab line) and some wonderful jewelry and other treats from some of our other lines such as Flash and Trash.  Ten unique prizes may be located in our hunt hub, each with differing prize values.  The top of the line Grand Prize is the Empress gown in black for the season, but there’s a range of other wonderful delights.  We’ll ask some of our fashion blogger friends to shoot images of the prizes, to encourage everyone to come hunt ghosts.  And of course, we’re not fond of tricks, so all we included in our prize hub were the finest of treats.

This is what Kyle has to say about his hunt:

Here at AV Puli, home of my club, Meatspace Lounge, we’ve been designing (since JULY) a unique hunt. We’re calling it the “13 Ghosts Hunt”, and the object is – obviously enough – to find the 13 ghosts haunting 5 parcels in 3 regions. The reason it’s taken so long to put together is because we’ve made it more like a Pot Healer Adventure than a “fly from sim to sim collecting freebies” hunt.

We’ve implemented a database to keep track of each ghost a player finds, and each find earns a credit towards a number of prizes, different on every parcel. A player can also save up all 13 to win one of several Grand Prizes. In addition, if a player clicks an apparition fast enough, they receive a finder-helper gadget – like an EMF meter or night vision – to assist them in finding additional ghosts.

The hunt launches in tandem with my regular Thursday performance at 7:30pm, October 1st, and runs through Halloween. The closer it gets to Halloween, the more frequently the spirits will appear, and for longer periods of time. The center of the event will be in our “Ghost Hunter Investigation Center” of the sim – although HUDs and prize centers will be available at all of the participating parcels.

The Shengri La Hunt hub is located in the heart of Shengri La if you would like to start the Hunt in our region.  The Shengri La ghost (of sims past) looks like this:

Shengri La Ghost

Shengri la ghost2

Shengri La Ghost3

Pearls of The Ocean Fashion Installation at 8 am PDT Today!


Misteria Loon, talented designer behind the Pas de Deux line, will be showing her lovely mer fashions in a special fashion installation at 8 am PDT, 11 am EDT.  This innovative installation, presented by Fashion Research Institute, enables the audience to participate in the modeling process.  Misty is providing two show specials, her mer outfits in Bronze and in Black Pearl. Special show pricing at the show only are $0L a set, to encourage the audience to partake and engage with models and set.  These stunning outfits are shown here.

Pearls of the Ocean in Shengri La, presented by Fashion Research Institute, may be visited from 8-9 am PDT Sunday September 13th.  Just log in to Second Life, and follow this link to join the show.