PVDS Weekly Speaker Series Guest Jon Himoff, CEO Rezzable Fri. Nov. 12th 3pm PDT

Please join us as we welcome Jonathan Himoff, CEO of Rezzable at the weekly Professional Virtua Designer’s Society on Friday, November 12h from 3-4 PM SLT in the 21C region of Second Life.

Jon (RightAsRain Rimbaud) believes that web-based virtual world are the beginning of a very exciting direction toward the 3D Web, where a new type of interaction with information, content and people will be possible. Further, the avatar will be the essential interface/guide/companion for this dynamic new environment. Rezzable was founded in order to take a lead in establishing engaging users experiences and get the most out of new 3D web platforms as well as web services. Prior to founding Rezzable in 2007, Jon held CEO-roles at enterprise-software development and services companies that delivered innovation solutions via hosted platforms and advanced planning technologies.

Professional Virtua Designers’ Society

Our Mission
The purpose of the Professional Virtua Designers’ Society is to promote and protect the social, economic and professional interests of its members.

The Society is committed to improving conditions for all digital artists designing and developing virtual goods and products intended to be used in virtual worlds. It is also committed to raising standards for the entire emerging industry. The Society embraces digital artists at all skill levels and provides professional development to lift these special content creators to new levels of professionalism and skill.

Call for Proposals, 2011 Virtua Designer Conference Jan 25-27 in ScienceSim

2011 Virtua Designer Conference
January 25-27, 2011

The field of virtual goods is in its nascent, formative stages. The road is open to express and define what virtual goods are, and how they may be best developed and used.  The field is new and exciting, but it should be informed by design disciplines that have evolved before it.

With issues of standardization, intellectual property concerns, micropayments, and even interoperability between virtual worlds now under consideration, the world of customer-generated content has shifted.  In order to be prepared, existing research should be showcased and new research areas defined.

We are calling for proposals for poster sessions to be held in conjunction with the 2011 Virtua Designer Conference in the OpenSim-based ScienceSim grid.

The Call for Proposals is organized around the idea of content and business, and topics that fall within this broad outline will be considered.  Some ideas that  may be considered include international copyright and intellectual property rights issues; content development methodology; micropayments and transactions; emerging platforms; professional development; asset management and curation systems; best practices; as well as areas which others may be working in.

How to Submit:

Submit a short proposal (500 words or less) describing your topic, project, or research by November 15, 2010 to CALL FOR PROPOSALS.

All submissions and presentations must allow the creation of derivative works such as video and photography that show the original work, with appropriate attribution. By submitting a proposal you agree to these terms.

Acceptance announcements will be made during the week of December 1, 2010. All presenters will be offered free admission to the conference.

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance decisions will be made based the proposal’s Relevance, Significance, Originality, Quality and Clarity.

A submission is RELEVANT when

  • it directly addresses one or more of the many business/content considerations

A submission is SIGNIFICANT when

  • it raises and discusses issues important to improving the quality and standards for digital assets, and
  • its contents can be broadly disseminated and understood by the informed creator audience

A submission is ORIGINAL when

  • it addresses a new problem or an existing challenge that hasn’t been studied in depth,
  • it takes a novel approach to resolving or answering existing questions
  • it provides a perspective on challenges in a unique way

A submission is of HIGH QUALITY when

  • existing literature is drawn upon, and / or
  • claims are supported by sufficient data, and / or
  • an appropriate methodology is selected and properly implemented, and / or
  • limitations are described honestly

A submission is CLEARLY developed when

  • it is organized effectively, and / or
  • the development appropriately and effectively uses the immersive, 3D environment effectively and well
  • the poster reflects the 3D world, is interactive, and enables new understanding


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Fashion Research Institute Collaborates with Intel Labs to Bring Premium Content to Science Sim

FRI has been collaborating with Intel Labs since 2009, helping to push the limits of content development in Science Sim. We are active participants in the Science Sim Senate Meetings, held each Friday morning on the Kepler Region.

On October 12th, Dr. Mic Bowman, the principal engineer in Intel Labs, who leads the Virtual World Infrastructure research project, was interviewed on ISNTV, Teach Parallel talking about Science Sim and FRI’s developments within the platform.

Science Sim Discussed on ISNTV Teach Parallel

Dr. Mic Bowman Interviewed About Science Sim

Recently, FRI announced our further collaboration with Intel Labs to provide users with premium content to give users a launching pad for their Science Sim exploration.

All items included in the Science Sim content library from FRI are covered by a license.  The class of the content determines the exact license. Scripts are covered by BSD, GPL, Creative Commons, and Public Domain licenses. All other content contributed is covered by Fashion Research Institute’s content license.

To read the full press release visit http://fashionresearchinstitute.com/news/new.html