Fashion Research Institute Announces Butterfly Exhibit Grant Applications Now Open

Fashion Research Institute is pleased to announce the offering of five grant awards to educators around the world to further evolve and develop an exhibit of over 100 unique species of butterflies Shengril La Chamomilein an immersive learning environment using the OpenSim platform, which is an open source virtual world platform that allows actual users to change their digital environment. Using virtual worlds gives educators powerful tools to offer both synchronous and asynchronous education, research, and simulation.

For more information please visit our website. There you will find complete details on applying for this grant valued at over $75,000.

Shengri La Emergence Day Party April 4th


The original Shengri La island emerged on March 25th, 2007.  As it was originally intended, it served as a utopian base for our science, art, and fashion collaborators.  Shortly after the first island emerged, the other four were added: Shengri La Hope, Shengri La Peace, Shengri La Joy, and Shengri La Love. 

The past two years have seen a wide array of changes to Second Life, and to the activities and work we conduct in our regions in Second Life.  We’ve seen Windlight, sculptured prims, and the rise and fall of void sims as a business model. Despite all the changes we’ve seen, some things have remained the same in Shengri La. We continue to develop visually compelling, deeply immersive islands where our collaborators can work and engage.  We also stay true to our original covenant of providing kind sheltering wings and a safe haven for wanderers, some of whom stay with us as collaborators, others of whom are transient visitors.  Our programs have changed and expanded, and we are currently in the process of graduating our class of emerging avatar apparel designers, and developing new programs designed to move this important work forward.

In our current incarnation, we are an officially sanctioned Community Gateway, where we provide orientation to new residents with a corporate & enterprise focus.  Our research areas include examining how users become immersed in virtual worlds, how enterprise becomes virtual, and virtual world enterprise applications.

We are pleased to invite you to visit our islands.  Please come and experience the wonder and peace which is Shengri La, and to celebrate with us as we begin our third year of collaboration and exploration. 

You are invited to help us celebrate with the activities that best express our unique focus on virtual worlds:

7-8 am  Fairy Fashion Installation
10 am SLT Ode Butterfly Hunt
1-2 pm Kyle Beltran plays live 
3-3:30 pm, Founders Re-dedication
5-7 pm SLT Fairy Rave with Qee Nishi, DJane

+ 3 special art exhibits by the ever talented and prolix Callipygian Christensen

Details of our events follow:

7-8 am SLT Fairy Fashion Installation, featuring the work of emerging avatar apparel designer, Misteria Loon.  Misty’s gowns are ethereal and fragile and perfectly suited for the static display of fashion in the lovely woods of Shengri La.  We will show 8 of her gowns as well as a complete color run of her Flower gown.  Our volunteer models who have graciously offered their time to support Misty’s first show  reflect a range of body types and skin tones, which breaks from the usual  attenuated runway model look.  We would like to thank Jen Shikami of Seven’s Selections for donating wings to the fairy models, and Ellie BearCat, Georgianna Blackburn, Patricia Anne Daviau, Anarya Elderslie, Ahuva Heliosense, larae Magic, IndiaRose Muircastle, Sequoia Nightfire, Prissy Price, Chestnut Rau, Oura Scribe, Jaydie Sapeur, Neva Seljan, Elizabeth Tinsley for graciously donating their time for Misty’s Emergence Show.

10 am SLT An Ode butterfly Hunt – Shengri La is renowned as an estate with a regular monthly Ode hunt.  Ode jewelry collectors spread across our five islands in search of elusive jewelry-containing butterflies.  The Ode hunts are a wonderful way for new residents to learn to engage with the SecondLife interface.   Older residents make new friends and love to collect the fragile Ode jewelry created by master jeweler Random Calliope.

1-2 pm SLT  Kyle Beltran plays live on the Shengri La sim.  Kyle has been a visitor to Shengri La almost since the beginning. We are pleased to have his talent gracing our celebration.

3-3:30 pm SLT Founder Shenlei Flasheart (Shenlei Winkler in real life) will talk (very briefly) about why Shengri La was created and future directions.

5-7:00 pm SLT Fairy Rave with our longstanding DJ of choice, Qee Nishi.  Qee has been creating Trance sets for us  since December 2007, when we first ‘discovered’ her at Dance Island.  Qee will again play for us at a Fairy Rave, so plan your best fairy outfit and join us for two hours of the best Trance music on the grid.

During the day, all of our art galleries will be open to the viewing public. 

The Small Gallery will host a retrospective of Callipygian Christensen’s Shengri La images from the beginning to its current incarnation. 

Calli’s work will also be features in the Fashion Research Institute’s Information Center in Shengri La Hope, with a series of images from the renowned FRI Shengri La Spirit build in OpenSim (41,000+ prims of decadence).  

Last, Calli will reopen her main Gallery (The Main Gallery at Shengri La) with a fresh new exhibition of her latest photography throughout Second Life.

Please join us for one or all of these events.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Rescheduled Ode Hunt for Wednesday, January 21, 5 pm SLT

Courtesty of SL’s bumps and pains over the past weekend, the second Ode butterfly hunt has been rescheduled for this Wednesday, January 21, at 5 pm SLT. Join us on the lovely islands of Shengri La for the only five sim Ode butterfly hunt. With any luck, the grid will cooperate and we can all hunt butterflies! See you there!

Ode Butterfly Hunt in Shengri La Sims


It’s time once again for our monthly Ode butterfly hunts in Shengri La.  The first is scheduled at 7 am SLT and the second at 5 pm SLT.  All five sims will be closed to the public for the hour prior to allow the butterfly handler to release her newest catch.  POE hunters and all other visitors will be asked to leave the sims promptly at 6 am and at 4 pm.

To hunt Ode-containing butterflies, just teleport to any of the sims, or start in the Shengri La Welcome Area.

Five-Sim Ode Hunt in Shengri La

In honor of the Monarch Butterfly migration, the Fashion Research Institute is once again pleased to host a five-sim Ode butterfly hunt on our Shengri La sims.

Ode is a lovely jewelry set created by the inestimable Random Calliope.  Ode has been created in a large number of colors (22 the last I heard) which are transferrable.  This means that both guys and girls can hunt for these babies – gentlemen, it’s a great chance to collect jewelry that you can give to lady friends.  The fact the jewelry pieces are transferrable means that you can swap pieces until you collect a full set of your desired colors.  For that matter, collect them all!

Ode-containing butterflies will be released twice on Friday, October 17th.  The first release is at 7 am SLT, and the second is at 5 pm SLT.  The five Shengri La sims will be closed to the public one hour prior to the release and opened promptly on the hour.  There will be butterflies released on all five sims.  Not all butterflies contain a piece of Ode – which is why it’s called a Hunt.  To ‘capture’ a butterfly, just right click and touch it.  If the butterfly contains a piece of Ode, it’ll give it to you, and then vanish.

Bring your friends, or hunt on your own – either way, our visitors all assure me that they have a great time at the Ode hunts.  If you’ve never experienced an Ode hunt, the five sim hunts are enormous fun.  There’s plenty of room for hunters to spread out, and lots of butterflies released throughout the hunt. 

Ode hunts are offered on the Shengri La sims on the 17th of every month.  So if you miss this one, we’lll see you next month!

Random Calliope’s Ode Hunt in Shengri La, September 17

Please join us in the Second Life™ Shengri La islands on Wednesday, September 17th to hunt for Ode containing butterflies.  There are two hunts, the first begins at 7 am SLT, the second at 5 pm SLT.  The islands will be closed to the public an hour before each hunt starts to enable the butterfly release.  They will be reopened promptly at 7 am SLT and at 5 pm SLT.  Butterflies will be released on all five sims, and the estate will open on all five sims concurrently.

Shengri La will host Ode butterfly hunts every month on the 17th, so if you can’t make it to this one, there will be others. 

See you there