Yay! Avatar Persistence Across Reboots and Relogs

OK, I’m not sure at what revision this happened, or who contributed the patch to do it….but last night, I logged in after working in OpenSim a bit in the morning…and discovered my prim hair still firmly attached to my head!  In a state of disbelief, I logged out and back in, to see if it was a fluke.  No, there was my hair, on my head, correctly placed.

Unconvinced, we rebuilt the region with the newest version of OpenSim code…I logged in…and there…was…my….prim…hair. Attached.  Correctly.  On my head.

Needless to say, this made me feel impossibly perky, since I can now proceed with the otherwise daunting task of attaching and adjusting all my other things like skirts, and jewelry, and shoes, and and and…

Behold: Hair.  Jewelry. Sunglasses.  Flexi Skirt.  Yay!

Introducing OpenSim Shengri La Dream

First View of Shengri La Dream

First View of Shengri La Dream

Shengri La Dream emerged from the protosphere over the weekend and landed next to Shengri La Spirit.  I show the first views of Dream, which will be used to develop content and to push on the inventory aspects of OpenSim. 

One of the first things I’ll be doing is dumping in a lot of my textures that I’ve developed over the past three years so we can start to develop a reasonable sized avatar inventory.  Then I’ll start developing a range of mesh garments, skins and of course, prim-based content such as jewelry, shoes, and other attachments.

This will allow us to find the functional limit of OpenSim and start getting some performance benchmarks as I build out and add to my inventory.

Looking at Spirit from Dream

Looking at Shengri La Spirit from Shengri La Dream

Shengri La Spirit

An early view of the 40,000+ prim build on the collaborative OpenSim, Shengri La Spirit, built by the Fashion Research Institute on the IBM-hosted OpenSim platform.

I’ve had requests from people to enter Spirit.

Spirit is a closed research build. This means that we are only letting people from our Fashion Research Institute-IBM development team into the sim. It’s a very short list of people with permission and access. Less than seven, in fact, and we call them out in this blog.

But because so many curious people want to see what Spirit looks like, I present to you this machinima. I have many talents. Machinima, pretty clearly, isn’t one of them.