About Shenlei Winkler

In July, I decided to pursue a path that has tantalized and intrigued me since I was sixteen and first exposed to Jeanne Rose’s first herbal book, “Herbs & Things.” Fast forward a few careers and decades, and I’ve decided to pursue my lifelong love as an herbalist. I’m currently enrolled in Rose’s Herbal Studies Course and Aromatherapy Course Levels 1 & 2, plus the MSU Master Gardener volunteer program, and a couple of other cool classes.  I’ve already completed 3 basic Aromatherapy classes and 1 basic herbal class.  So far long this pathway,  I’ve dropped 50 pounds, shed a few nagging chronic issues, and am happier and generally healthier.

This is a departure from my work in virtual worlds, which I think hold promise for some things, but which I fear may be a Pandora’s box for many others.  Personally, after years spent in virtual spaces, I am thrilled to be immersed back in nature with weather, plants and soil and embarked on a journey for my own wellness and eventually to help others find their own inner peace and well-being.

My work in the past has included years of couture and mass market fashion design experience with a decade of technical marketing experience with value added resellers. As a fashion designer, I designed and sold multiple styles to the #1 global retailer, resulting in more than $30MM in sales per collection. I founded Fashion Research Institute, Inc. which collaborated with both IBM and Intel corporations to research the use of virtual worlds as an accessible 3D medium for creative industries. I am the lead inventor on a pending co-patent with IBM, “Method and Apparatus for Virtual World Based Product Design”.

My work and educational experience is comprehensive and includes various degrees, diplomas, and certificates. One of my more esoteric and occasionally useful skills is knowing how to French table cut fine leather gloves.

One thought on “About Shenlei Winkler

  1. Hi Shenlei,
    I think you’re a genius! And an amazing person in addition! I love your fabrics, especially the equestrian designs! I am the founder of PonyUP!Kentucky (www.PonyUPKentucky.com), and I make handbags to raise money for horses rescue. Since 2010, we’ve raised over $10,000 and donated it to various horse rescue organizations around the country. I would love to buy yards and yards of your gorgeous fabrics–I know my horse ladies will go crazy over them. I wonder if you can tell me how long it takes to receive the fabrics after ordering, and if you offer any discounts to wholesalers. (I’m sorry if all of this is evident on Spoonflower, I’ve never ordered from that site before) I’ve got a dressage event coming up at the end of May, and I’d love to create some new handbags using your awesome fabric if that sounds acceptable to you. Thank you so much! Hope you’re having a great day!

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