So really, Winter, Already?!?

A seriously brisk 24 degrees and an even more serious windchill factor as that howling west wind made itself known. We’re expecting somewhere between 0-5″ of snow – oh happy joy.

Out in the woods, it was a lot warmer just because the wind was blocked by the trees. The path is frozen (not solid but hard) although the turf is still soft and spongy. The trees all had this dusting of powder sugar like snow over them which made them look so pretty. I’m really trying to keep to my exercise schedule so  I can train for this 5K in April. It was so cold out there today though, I will definitely need long johns to try to do that.

So, I learned over the weekend that I just really Do Not Like Elderberry anything. I made Elderberry syrup and Elderberry immune drops…they smelt horrid decocting and they taste worse. The Elderberry drops were unrescuable – I made them per a recioe from an herbal class I took earlier this year and they tasted bad, had way too much sugar, and had a god awful horrid mouth feel AND to add insult to injury…when I poured them out on the prepared pan…they looked like coagulated blood. It was quite disgusting. The Elderberry syrup I rescued by virtue of adding a Lemon, 3″ of fresh Ginger, and a couple of Cinnamon sticks.  That made it somewhat less horrid. Oddly, I love St. Germaine. But Elderberries…not so much.  Maybe fresh Elderberries taste different. I’ll try to pick some next summer and see.

My November Herbal Studies homework is largely completed. I am deeply grateful for that. I just have to finish my case studies and get it in themail on Friday.  I’ve already picked up and started December’s efforts. It seems less complicated than this month’s, largely perhaps because skin & hair are things everyone in my family are concerned about, whereas the reproductive system, we’re far less so.

The Digestion Series continues to be really amazing. I was pretty concerned about GMO food before, and now I am even more so after listening to some of the speakers. I’m not terribly alarmist, but it makes no sense to me that GMO food could ever be good for us. We weren’t co-engineered along with it – not I’m sure, because Monsanto didn’t try, but largely because non-engineered humans eating engineered food means more bucks in the pockets of big Pharma when the system breaks down. Thanks, guys.

I feel like it is more and more challenging to find things to eat that won’t kill you slowly and with great pain and loss of dignity. We went out to dinner and I ordered what should have been a simple and straightforward meal of grilled chicken, salad and rice pilaf. The salad came with a hearty helping of ‘lovely’ Florida winter tomatoes and some sort of questionable ‘cheese food shred’. They both got picked out and move to one side. The chicken was bad. I took one bite and sent it back immediately. I ordered a potato in the end but it just all left a bad taste in my mouth. In the meantime, there’s some luscious, sugar-laden GMO wheat rolls sitting there in front of me; the manager offered to buy us dessert for my trauma but it was like, oh, can I please have some toxins after my chicken experience? Thanks, but no.

I can see myself increasingly refusing to eat out. The caloric intake coupled with the questionable food quality made with heavily processed foods is just offputting. All around me overweight to outright obese people were shoveling it in. I don’t want to be like that. so, guess I’ll skip the eating out. :/