A Shivery November 13…Blustery and Snow

We’re on the edge of getting some snow headed our way, but in the meantime, Michigan weather cannot decide exactly what it wants to do. While on my daily constitutional, the weather flipped from frigid and blustery (but no snow) to sunny and bright with no wind, to finally blustery and snow.  It has kept this up all day…wind-clouds/sun/no wind/snow-wind.

However, when the sun does shine on the woodland path, it was quite magically beautiful, with a pinkish-tan layer of fallen leaves carpeting the ground, with squirrels scampering madly around trying to get the last few Acorns for addition to their nest or to bury (because Of Course it will remember where all of the 100s of nuts it buried are, right?) In any event, the first 1/2 mile was brutal but things started perking along a little after that.

I’m almost done with my November homework for my Herbal Studies Class. No real rest for the wicked as all that does is give me a bit more space to work on December (and I believe I will need it, what with 2 holidays landing in there).

The Vanilla bitters are coming along wonderfully, and the Cherry bitters smell so good. I can’t wait till Thanksgiving (can I hold out that long…maybe?) I need to  bottle some up but still waiting on Amazon to get it in gear and get me my new Kindle and the glassware I ordered.

Almost time to head out for Master Gardener class – we’re getting one of those pale winter sunsets that Michigan is so memorable for – pale pink at the horizon and soft blue deepening into a rich, well, in this case, a stark sterling gray cloud cover. Oh well.