Snow! Wind! and November 12

Amazing. I actually am writing (and hopefully) posting on the correct day, as opposed to the day after.

Yesterday’s cold got ugly today with a dip of the mercury to 34 degrees (Fahrenheit). Combined with the wind it was more than a little brisk on my trek through the woodland path.  About 1/2 mile in it started dropping a snowflake…here….then…slowly…another one. And then by the time was at my mid-point, it was actually doing a little snow shower of sorts.  Small, hard little snow pellets under heavy leaden gray skies. Nothing moving really in the woods – I feel sure even the squirrels are buried in their leaf nests you can see high in the tips of the trees.  I kind of wonder how well those work out when the gales of November come early (my apologies to Gordon Lightfoot).

Today I got most of my herbal bitters decanted and filtered. It’s really quite amazing how the herbs and spices meld together to create an almost magical blend. A little of the woodland bitters splashed onto my hand and so (of course) I gave it a little lick…and almost derailed the bitters train entirely. It was so good I wanted to go make myself a little cocktail (ok, I LOVE bitters anyway, but still).

I added more of the aromatic/bittering agents to the Cherry bitters and checked on the Vanilla bitters (oh…..yum).  Started some Echinacea tinture – interestingly the menstruum is already working on dissolving some of the active ingredients and pulling them out into solution.  The Kyphi incense is getting slowly lighter in color. It doesn’t have as strong a smell as it originally had. Having never done this before I have no idea if this is how it’s supposed to work or not. I guess the test is in the burning.

The on-line seminar I’m taking, the Digestion Series, is amazing. I’ve learned so much already about how to make myself healthier, and eventually of course, to helping my future clients become healthier and well. I have had a suspicion for some time that GMO foods are just plain not good for us, but I got the actual science to show me why this is so.  It makes sense of course – it was modified, but we weren’t co-modified to be able to digest these new foods. So of course there would be issues, but I had no idea how toxic they really are. I had already pretty much cut the gluten out of my diet (with an occasional trip off the wagon, like the Cinnamon doughnut of Sunday) but I’m going to be even more aggressive about getting cereals out of my diet. The sugar is much harder to kick, of course. I have a sweet tooth – or maybe I should say my gut microbiome has a sweet tooth – but in any case I find sugar addiction really hard to break. It helps that I largely avoid processed food. Buying stuff in boxes to ‘home make’ something makes zero sense to me. But that’s just me. I’d rather attempt and butcher something where I know the ingredients than make ‘perfect’ cupcake from a box full of preservatives. Yuck.

I made a new immune tea today and started testing it.  It includes Elderberries, Rose hips, Astragalus, Elder flowers, Licorice root, Echinacea, Melissa and Peppermint.  It makes up into a purplish, rather toxic looking brew and it tastes mostly of mint but has a very astringent/bitter aftertaste that made it (to me at least, at least) initially unpotable. Then I added some raw honey to sweeten the matters (sweet tooth saves this day).  It still has a very ‘rooty’ aftertaste, but now it’s tolerable.