November 11, cloudy, cold and RAIN! ARGH!

My walk today was truncated courtesy of the very inclement weather. Of course once I got out there it was fine but I was decidedly happy to turn back and head into the warm house.

Then off to ferry Miss Daisy to Jo-Ann’s, where I followed her around and wished I’d remembered a book before I purchased some complementing yarn to make a combination hoodie/cowl for the forthcoming winter months. We ended up on the Aisle of Heinous Synthetic Candle Smells – which is as bad as it sounds. Every synthetic ‘aroma’ in the book. I absolutely cannot stand, abhor, despise most of the ‘white’ scents like Jasmine, Gardenia, and so on. In the synthetic version they are, if possible, worse. My sister says she can’t stand the ‘smell of vanilla’, but I think she has smelled enough real vanilla to know that the difference between real vanilla and the fake crap is worlds apart. I have some 8x Vanilla extract and some Vanilla bitters currently macerating and I think I’ll show her the difference at Thanksgiving.

The temperature was dropping by the time we came out so I think snow soon. The Oaks and Norway Maples were all tossing their leaves off with mad abandon in the wind so Autumn is definitely in its middle period. Ground is still soft, though, so any snow we get won’t stick.