Gray Lightening to Sweet Sunny Blue

Of sorts. Michigan weather is so odd. Sunday we had that long, ropy grey low cloud cover that looked like snow, today we have a lighter cloud cover, higher up that gradually broke to a little patchy sun through veils of silvery stratus up high. Combined with positively balmy middle 50 degree temperatures, and it made for a really warm walk through the woods on this Monday, November 10.

I almost have our Master Mind group set up with a private WordPress site. One more person to get properly added and her goals put in as a permanent page and we’re ready to roll.  I’m so excited  for all of us and I know we will all accomplish great things this year with the loving support of our triune of strong, intelligent, creative women.

Of course, that yummy doughnut yesterday made me pay today. I rolled out of bed slightly achy and with, yes, brain fog. It doesn’t help that I was not good with my hydration, so dealing with some issues related to that. I finally gave in and made an extra strong cup of an herbal cure and then pushed more water. Why did I wait so long? the herbal cure works, very very effectively, but, it also leaves me a little queasy and with abdominal cramps. There’s never any doubt in my mind as to whether or not herbs work. They definitely do!

I bought some Beets at the farmer’s market today to use in a roasted vegetable salad.  I’ll put that in to cook this afternoon (probably about the same time mom asks me to bake her carrot cake. She gets the cred for her buddies, I get to bake. Win, win.)

Our three little dwarf Apple trees are looking increasingly bare. The water shoots are about the only thing still with leaves on, bravely attempting to give the tree a last shot of energy from its still-green leaves. I guess no one told them they’ve already formed their abscission layer and all that is left no is a slow and gradual death.  I always feel so bad for those trees. They just really have a horrible location – heavy, wet soil and not enough hours of sun. They spend their lives desperately sending up water sprout after water sprout after water sprout trying to get some sun. They are a classic point of planting without thinking about how the (then tiny) Spruce trees to the south of it would grow and overshadow the Apple trees.

Today I must decant and filter bitters, as well as decant some other things like some tinctures and the Arnica oil I’ve had infusing. Arnica is good for bumps and bruises and I have oldsters who need some nice Arnica salve in their life.