An Apple a Day…

It was so cold and bitter today on my walk, with the low cloud cover that looked like it really wanted to deliver some snow. We got lucky, however, and merely had cold, windy weather, hovering at 40 degrees. Not much fun for a Sunday on November 9.

Instead of doing all of my many herbal projects awaiting me, we went to the Apple orchard and bought amazing, rich, juicy Michigan Apples: Honeycrisps, Red Delicious, and Cortlands. The Cortlands are so old-fashioned. They remind me a lot of the old Snow Apple, which was also a round little apple with a deep red bloom and veins of red throughout the snowy-white flesh.  The Cortland is sweet and juicy but a little too soft for my taste. It will, however, bake up nicely (and I’ll eat it in preference to the Red Delicious).

Today I started the Digestion Series, which is just amazing.  I’m learning so much about how to help myself, and eventually, to help my clients.  the information about H. pylori was very interesting given my own history with gastric ulcer. Increasingly, I am turning away from the typical American Diet of overprocessed, fatty, GMO food and increasingly turning to a lifestyle free of wheat, sugar, and dairy.  ‘But what does that leave!?’

Oddly, I am eating better for being aware.  A lot of raw vegetables, properly prepared dried legumes, some meat (usually chicken or salmon), fruit, some grains such as Rice. What am I not eating? I am largely not eating sugar or wheat-based products. Of course, things slip in. A cinnamon-sugar doughnut at the orchard, fresh from the fryer. Yes, I know I’ll pay for it, but, AUTUMN! Sometimes you have to do the things that remind you of simpler times.

Tonight I finished my batch of bone broth I was cooking for the past two days. Tuppence was ecstatic about the ‘non-bone’ leftovers, that I chopped super fine and added a little magic powder to. He’ll get a couple of meals out of that, and I’ll have an awesome bone broth meal!