Hectic Friday, Partially Sunny

It started out very nice, sunny and bright, but the clouds rolled in by noon. Thankfully, by the time I headed out for my 4 miles, the sun was peeking through here and there. I got so completely wet Thursday that I was grateful for the sun. It was a quite brisk 44 degrees with a northerly wind, which blew down a few more leaves here and there. Dad’s carefully raked lawn was covered with Norway Maple leaves, so they are (finally!) coming down.

I have a bunch of cough syrups and immune support recipes to make this weekend: horehound syrup, elderberry syrup and drops, and herbal cough drops with slippery elm – and some lip balm for my sister. It’s exciting that my family members now ask me for herbal remedies (since I haven’t poisoned anyone yet and I have actually helped them with the ailments they’re asking for help with).  I will also need to decant the vanilla bitters and add the next set of ingredients to the cherry bitters. then all done with making bitters for this year. Maybe.

The Michigan Autumn textile collection is coming along. I have photographed all my references and dropped out the backgrounds. Now to figure out what sort of manipulation I want to do with the references and put the collection together. I think it will be very pretty when its all done.

We need more apples. I’m going through those things like water. Apples are so good for you and the Michigan apples just taste so great it’s hard to stop.