Sunny & Sixty…A Glorious November 5th Autumn

Yet another glorious autumn day in which to ‘forest bathe’, as the Japanese say. I read an interesting report that said the Japanese highly regard the concept of ‘forest bathing’, which is the immersion of self into a woodland full of trees for 15-20 minutes of longer. The report said, basically, that this immersion of self into the woodland spaces makes you feel better, because we are wired to like trees.  Which, really, think about it:

1 acre of trees makes enough oxygen for 18 people.  That alone is reason enough to want to spend time with trees and maybe even to HUG them.

I certainly feel better when I walk through the woodland pathway here. Dad always suggests I walk down to Saginaw (Highway) and I always decline. Why do I want to walk next to cars belching out their exhaust, heavy metals and air filth? As opposed to walking amongst my friends, the trees, forbes and yes even weeds, and filling my lungs with copious deep breaths of heavily oxygenated air?

My kyphi incense is coming along. I turned it today and found it is getting much harder. Excellent. I made small, pea-sized balls so I hope these will dry fairly quickly.  I made sure to work my way through my infusing oils and macerating bitters and tinctures. I need to decant some more tomorrow and bottle up a few to give to friends.

I’m taking a really amazing class right now, through Courseera. The course, ‘What Plants Know’, really has made me think about the biochemical way that plants engage with their surroundings. They have 13 or more chromophores that help them sense and engage with their environment. Humans, in contrast…have five. Our senses are so limited compared to other organisms in our environment. It’s a good thing we have thumbs or really, we’d be so lost.

Tomorrow, in addition to the bitters decanting, I will make some lip balm for my sister, and sort out some herbal remedies for my friends in need.