Almost Glorious…Nov 3

It started off a perfect Autumn day, in the upper 50s, with pure sun and that rich blue sky you see in November, but by later afternoon the sky was beginning to slowly cloud over, with that matte pearl grey cloud cover you get in Michigan. No matter, it was still a fine day for garden work and my walk wasn’t impeded in the slightest.

The sumach are starting to drop their central leaf stems (rachis) and are starting to look more like buck horns in velvet, with big gaudy velvety wine colored berries on the ends.  The rest of the wetland is largely sere and brown, with occasional small herbs and forbes around the outside that have escaped the frosts.  They harvested the soybean fields near us today, as ever a lot of dust and debris in the air but fun to watch the big tractors do their business.

The woods are layered with a deep carpet of fallen leaves now, in shades from pale browns and tans to cream and gold. It makes for a delectable sight under the late Autumn sun. The squirrels make a hellacious ruckus as they scamper around through the leaves.  Not surprisingly, not as many people out on the paths now, what with cooler weather settling in.

I’ve been learning about herbs and the reproductive system this month, and sharpening up my human anatomy. This is one time I wish I had human, and not plant, physiology.

The Michigan Autumn textile collection is coming right along.  I hope I’ll be able to send it out for sampling in two weeks or so. It would be a nice cap to a pretty Autumn season.