A Perfect Autumn Day, Nov 2

Some days have that clarion Autumn perfection, with a crisp snap to the air despuite a relatively balmy 50 degrees, and a clarity to the sky that makes you think you can see forever. Mine was enhanced by the sight of a huge pale gibbous moon rising in the east while the sun was sliding towards the west.  Perfect.

The Canadian geese in the area have all congregated in Sharp park, along with a very few mallards and some seagulls.  The pond there seldom freezes solid in Winter because of the aeration pump so the water birds tend to overwinter there, those that don’t head south that is.

The Black Walnut leaf rachises (Rachii?) have fallen so now the Black Walnut trees are totally bare.  A few trees stubbornly hold onto their still colorful leaves – some Oaks with their bronze, red/brown/green leaves, a few very late Sugar Maples, and of course, the Norway Maple.  Our Japanese Maple still has its leaves, but while beautiful and red, they are also completely sere and dead.

The Fox Grapes are completely leafless but the rich little clusters of grapes are just hanging there waiting to be someone’s meal. Fox Grapes make amazing grape jelly. They leave the Concord in the dust as far as sheer flavor goes.  Their juice is extremely acid however and you must wear gloves or you’ll discover the true meaning of the word ‘fruit acid peel’. After about 20 minutes, if you aren’t wearing gloves, your hands will start stinging and burning if you are wringing out the juice.  Easier to use an expression colander.

Walking along, I found a few last leaves that interested me for my new textile collection so I brought them back to the studio and snapped a few pictures.  That’s shaping up to be a nice collection, lots of pretty leaves to use as inspiration.

The Kyphi incense is coming along. The wine/raisin mixture smells heavenly. Hopefully it smells equally great when it’s all done.