First Day of November…Sunny & bright and oh so cold

Gorgeous first day of November, brilliant blue skies, a few golden leaves left on some of the later Sugar and Norway Maples. The wetlands are still green and many small forbes still out there – surprisingly when I checked the front (south-facing) annual beds we still had blooms. Clearly our ‘killing frosts’ haven’t, except the stuff in colder micro-climates.  It was still damned cold, about 37 or so and windy, I wore my polar explorer costume on my daily walk and was still rather chilled. I think I need a big knit hood and a cowl to keep it warm this winter.

I managed to start my Kyphi incense today, the smell of the red wine with the juniper berries was intoxicating, and my new mortar and pestle worked great with the resins.  The wine and raisins will macerate over night and then tomorrow I’ll grind those up and get it started.

I had time to start putting together some teas for friends who have some specific needs, and I finished the tea to improve the sense of smell.  I have a bunch of projects that I need to tackle to get done for Unit 2 of my aromatherapy class, like some syrups and the like.