Hallowe’en and the cold and snow make you shiver…Oct 31

A really blustery 37 degrees and it started first freezing rain and then snowing about 1/4 mile into my daily walk. obviously fully cloudy and not surprisingly even the geese were snugged down. The silvery soybean fields just look stark, they still haven’t been harvested as the weather has been too damp.  It needs at least a week of clear weather to harvest the beans.

Saw my first red bird of the season, a juvenile male.  There were some robins who had apparently no gotten the memo yet that Winter is en route. The small mammals that were moving around yesterday today were not to be seen. No squirrels, no ground hogs.

Coming home I found 3 simply stunning Norway Maple leaves. One reminded me so much of my friend Gila I had to carry it home. I will snap a picture of it and use it in one of my new ‘Michigan Autumn’ textile collection that is in process.

Then when I got home, astonishingly the herb orders I placed two days ago arrived! I ordered many random herbs from Jean’s Greens in New York, a company that is new to me. I will most definitely be ordering again because: SUPER FAST shipping, fresh herbs, all well-packed with a packing list, and, get this….a lower shipping cost then the web site had calculated. I was a little shocked about that. Now, the super fast part: I ordered this at 12:30 Wednesday night/Thursday morning and it was here in Michigan at 2 pm Friday.

The other place, the Herb Shop, out in Oregon, was also super fast. They have rather random resins and the like, which I needed to make Kyphi incense.  They have a really irritating web shopping interface, but stick with it. They’re very worth the effort.

In the garden, the Heritage Red Raspberries are still valiantly attempting to flower and fruit, and I even snagged 4 super cold but oh-so-rich red berries as I went to cover the two mums Dad wanted saved from the snow.  Coming back in I picked a couple of pink Roses as they wouldn’t make it through the weather and picked a few Wood Violet seed pods that had opened.  I’ll have a few Violet seeds to plant next spring.