An Interesting New Journey

In July, I decided to pursue a path that has tantalized and intrigued me since I was sixteen and first exposed to Jeanne Rose’s first herbal book, “Herbs & Things.” Fast forward a few careers and decades, and I’ve decided to pursue my lifelong love as an herbalist. I’m currently enrolled in Rose’s Herbal Studies Course and Aromatherapy Course Levels 1 & 2, plus the MSU Master Gardener volunteer program, and a couple of other cool classes.  I’ve already completed 3 basic Aromatherapy classes and 1 basic herbal class.  So far long this pathway,  I’ve dropped 50 pounds, shed a few nagging chronic issues, and am happier and generally healthier.

This is a departure from my work in virtual worlds, which I think hold promise for some things, but which I fear may be a Pandora’s box for many others.  Personally, after years spent in virtual spaces, I am thrilled to be immersed back in nature with weather, plants and soil and embarked on a journey for my own wellness and eventually to help others find their own inner peace and well-being.