Interesting New Material: Pearlflex

This interesting new material from TCI Tang Chen in the Philippines has some interesting possibilities. Pearlflex is made from mother of pearl and Paua shell and combines the iridescence of these materials into a flat sheet suitable for use as tiles for home decor, or in fashion as a button or trim material or it would be ideally suited to make small evening bags.

Pearlflex is a nonwoven, with a flexible  base matrix that includes a water-based coating. The natural iridescence from the matrix changes hue as the material is moved and different parts of the matrix reflects light at varying wavelengths (this is a natural property of shell and mother of pearl.)

Pearlflex is light, sturdy, flexible and it able to withstand low or extreme temperatures. The material is tested on water absorbency and UV exposure to ensure quality.

You can check out its technical specifications at the Materia database.