Design Inspiration, or, “Not so Smitten with Mitt in the Mitten”

I have a confession to make: You Tube. I love You Tube. It’s my ultimate time sink. It’s where I go when I want some inspiration and I’m too lazy to go out ‘into the marketplace’ or otherwise get out of my chair. As pop culture addictions come and go it’s slightly more useful than I can Haz Cheezburger (better perhaps since I can go watch Simon’s Cat).

However, lately, a Very Bad Thing has happened. I stupidly Googled Mitt Romney and visited the Wiki page about  him. Now Google has decided that I am a Screaming Right Wingnut Republican, and it’s suddenly presenting me with all of these horrific Republican Paid Political Announcements that are RIGHT ON TOP of my actual things I want to see.

I noticed this first when my 1,576th viewing of Psy’s Gangnam Style was overlaid with some red-white-and-blue cheezmo and Mitt’s ugly mug. Now at the best of times, I’m not enamored with politicians. They are liars who pander to the lowest common denominator of stupid. And that includes all stripes of stupid from Left to Right*. In general I try to ignore them, this being one case where ignorance is largely bliss. But when my personal procrastination inspiration is being messed with by ads for some cultist politico whack-a-doodle, well, this calls for action**.

Therefore, I present to you the “Not-So-Smitten-With-Mitt-In-The-Mitten” mini-textile collection, available for purchase on Spoonflower.

Let me explain this collection of TWO fine high quality prints.

First, Mitt’s head was superimposed on a rat head. My brief visit to Wiki told me that Mitt was actually named WILLARD (remember that horrid 1970s RAT movie?) Mitt Romney. But as any sensible human would, he opted to not be called by Willard (!) but instead by his middle name, Mitt. I was unclear why his family would call him ‘mitt’ unless they were following the typical Republican habit of naming their kids after the place where they were conceived or if they were naming him after a garment or object.  So it’s conceivable he was named Mitt because he was born in Michigan, the Mitten state and Mitt is short for Mitten***.

Running with that idea, I stuck Mitt’s now rat-head into a mitten. And then recolored the mitten with the red-white-blue electioneering cheezmo. The Mitt-in-Mitten was then scattered with gay abandon to create a true scatter print. Print #2 include the year 2012 in sort of honor of either the election year or the year we all went to hell in a handbasket/got Raptured. Your choice of interpretation.

So share your anti-Paid-Political-Announcement bias and go get yourself a yard or so of these fine, high quality Anti-Paid-Political-Announcements textiles and whip those suckers up into some fine high-quality electioneering ties. Yes, these prints are satire, but then, show me a politician (who you aren’t sleeping with and/or being bribed by) who isn’t satirically making a mockery of America, much less my right to watch Psy horse-ride-dance into posterity on YouTube.

Oh, yes, this is ‘how I get my inspiration’ in design (Shenlei, how did you come up with that design idea?)

* I know there are some intelligent/educated republicans. Condoleeza Rice, for starters. If they did a good video of Condie in black leather or latex in a sort of 9 Inch Nails kind of meme dominating the white/male House/Congress/World, it would definitely go into the ‘inspiration’ bookmarks.

**This is for ALL paid-political-announcements. All politicians suck. I’d be equally pissed if I had to wade through Democratic flag-waving on my Barbie Girl viewing. Although if they managed a Condeleeza-as-dominatrix-kicking-congressional-man-ass-while-yanking-their-leashes ad I would have to watch it. Some things are just…inspirational.

***Mitt should be really glad he wasn’t born in Texas (the longhorn state.) ‘Longhorn‘ is a lot for an old wrinkled white guy to live up to. Although if he had been named Longhorn and they showed evidence that might be inspirational. But I’m not entirely sure about that. It might have been barf-bag-design-inspiring.

****Saying, is all. Irritate me with your Paid Political Advertorials, end up satirized as a commercial product your neighbor could buy and make dog kerchiefs out of and walk them all over your neighborhood.