Something Completely Visionary: Fashion, Tech, Innovation

We recently checked out the marketing video released by Corning, A Day Made of Glass.  We admit it, we watched with a degree of ‘wow’ factor and more than a touch of cynicism.  For example, in our experience most people don’t live in pure white houses because they are impossible to keep clean without an army of servants, and we didn’t see any discussion of glass with built-in-cleaning, which is what we all really want.

However, we digress, because there were a lot of great ideas being presented there, but what we didn’t see, and what we’d really love to see (besides self-cleaning/no fingerprints), was a really innovative use of some of their products.

For example, they showed flexible, portable display glass in several really cool product concepts, but we didn’t see it used in a way that we think would be a real killer app.

Putting our visionary thinking cap on, we think that flexible display glass would make an awesome raw base garment that wearers could use to ‘play’ new garments onto, thereby having new styles as often as the wearer would care to.  It would be an interesting mash up of virtual goods and physical reality.

Think about it: with a simple base garment capable of playing back any garment loaded into it, a wearer could attend New York Fashion Week (or Brooklyn Fashion Week, for that matter) in person or in a virtual immersive environment, see a garment of outfit they like, and with a simple click through their desktop or mobile app, purchase the outfit they see and wear it shortly thereafter.

They could obtain a copy of the clothing style for both their physical base garment and their avatar, so they could wear their desired style wherever they thought it appropriate.

Moreover, with the magic of a good couteriere’s eye, the wearer would not only be able to have the newest and latest style, but they’d ‘fool the eye’ reducing their overall apparent physical mass by using slenderizing lines and careful graphic trompe l’oeil to disguise or enhance various physical features (think Predator’s ability to disguise itself, only with style).

There are still some barriers between our vision, and current reality, which need to be overcome, and which  we’ll cover next time.