Intel’s Future Lab Interview – Collaboration in ScienceSim

Given that we will be presenting about the Land Grant program in ScienceSim today, this recent interview we gave to Intel’s Future Lab series is particularly timely. Future Labs is the on-line Radio show of Intel Labs.

Serious Games

Our focus in ScienceSim is collaboration between science, technology and even some ‘strange’ communities such as apparel.  Shenlei Winkler, CEO, The Fashion Research Institute is interviewed along with Dr. Mic Bowman, Principal Engineer at Intel Labs discusses ScienceSim, and Dr. Vincent Tidwell, Research Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories discuss the Intel-Sandia collaboration for the Water Wars serious game. We do have to correct one slight misapprehension – our OpenSim-based Black Dress Design Studio is not available on ScienceSim, only on our private grid, the Fashionable Grid.

Listen to the Future Labs interview HERE

ScienceSim is a great place to collaborate in part because it is not a commercial grid and our primary focus is on the actual work being done by collaborators.  Fashion Research Institute has provided high quality, premium content to the collaborators along with our extensively tested orientation program.

Land Grant Presentation

Please join us today at our presentation about the ScienceSim Land Grant program today, November 9th, at 1-1:30 pm ET (we’re prompt, and start on time and finish on time).