Speaking Saturday October 30 at Virtual Pioneers about Gettysburg project

Fashion Research Institute CEO Shenlei Winkler will be speaking at the Virtual Pioneers conference on Saturday, October 30th from 11-12 noon PT (2-3 pm ET) on the large-scale Gettysburg project being developed in ScienceSim.

Gettysburg Redux: Simulating the Gettysburg Battlefield in ScienceSim provides an overview of the 1:1 simulation of the Gettysburg Battlefield being developed in the OpenSim-based ScienceSim grid.  Winkler will discuss how educators can become involved in this large-scale, big picture project to fully simulate the critical, 3-day long Battle of Gettyburg. Gettysburg Redux is being developed in conjunction with American Civil War historians, historical and material culture organizations, educators, technology companies and other interested parties.

This project promises to be a visionary use of virtual worlds such as OpenSim which will help drive research into the areas of immersion, digital asset management, distance and immersive educational experiences, and of course, the underlying technology that must be further developed to support such a sweeping, large-scale effort.  The project is underway now with an initial pilot curriculum planned for completion as soon as June 2011.

Join us for a the overview of this project in the Virtual Pioneers Second Life region (Black Bear Island) on Saturday, October 30 from 11-12 noon PT.

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  1. How many regions is that going to be? And how are they going to get tens of thousands of troops in small areas for battle reenactments?

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