PVDS Weekly Speaker Series Guest Fake Jewel October 29th

Please join us as we welcome Fake Jewel teaching an Interactive Writing Workshop at the weekly Professional Virtua Designer’s Society on Friday, Oct. 29th – 3-4 PM SLT in the 21C region of Second Life.

Fake Jewell is the writer and director at the Jewell Theatre on Samandiriel Island. She and the Jewell Theatre team have been creating full-length themed theatrical productions since August 2007.  In her RL, Fake has taught Creative Writing to folks from 7 to 93 years since 1998 in a variety of workshops and regular classes.  Fake and her group have recently experimented with Machinima, taking part in the UWA Art of the Artists competition and in the 48 hour Machinima Festival.

The session will be an interactive workshop where participants will be invited to try the ‘block-breaking’  techniques Fake uses in RL to get her students writing.

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The purpose of the Professional Virtua Designers’ Society is to promote and protect the social, economic and professional interests of its members.

The Society is committed to improving conditions for all digital artists designing and developing virtual goods and products intended to be used in virtual worlds. It is also committed to raising standards for the entire emerging industry. The Society embraces digital artists at all skill levels and provides professional development to lift these special content creators to new levels of professionalism and skill.