Virtua Society Kicks Off Weekly Speakers Series

We’re thrilled to kick-off our weekly speakers series at the Professional Virtua Designer Society this Friday, September 10th, 2010 at Noon PDT.

Join us as we welcome Callipygian Christensen, who will be addressing the  challenges and advantages of creating 2D art in a virtual world.

Shooting a variety of subjects, Callipygian Christensen uses SL snapshots  to document her view of the Second Life® we lead. Calli displays some unretouched images, but also uses post-processing to create photographic art – removing ugly angles and texture blurs caused by SL animation and movement, and to enrich the depth and tone of SL colors.

Calli presents images in many different styles, from portraits to landscapes, from the mundane to the erotic, and  has won Best in Show awards in numerous juried SL arts contests and Fan Favorite ballots.

Professional Virtua Designers’ Society

The purpose of the Professional Virtua Designers’ Society is to promote and protect the social, economic and professional interests of its members.

The Society is committed to improving conditions for all digital artists designing and developing virtual goods and products intended to be used in virtual worlds.  It is also committed to raising standards for the entire emerging industry. The Society embraces digital artists at all skill levels and provides professional development to lift these special content creators to new levels of professionalism and skill.