Vintage Splurge!

Good Morning my fashionistas!!!

I found my new happy place!!! Saturday we got up bright and early so that Shenlei, her mom, and I could all go out to tag sales and vintage shopping.  We set out and found some local garage sales that were going on, if you call it going on, being that it was pouring cats and dogs out. I was so not about to go out and start rummaging in the rain.  We called off garage sales as everyone else felt the same way. We ended up going to the Salvation Army to look for old prom and wedding dresses to cut up and make new things out of (these would be especially perfect for our handbag line).   They didn’t have too much actually, and the stuff they did have were still too overpriced for being in the condition they were in.  However, right about half way through, we found a beautiful black beaded dress that we are going to take apart for its trimming and beading.  It was only $10 and so we thought it would be well worth it. We get up to the cashier and he announced that during Saturday and the rest of the weekend, there was  a half-off everything sale going on. So we got our awesome beaded dress for only $5. The trim itself you couldn’t get that cheaply. SUCCESS!!!!! WE WILL NOT PAY RETAILLLLLL!!!!

Victorian-styled headwear - It's Actually a Replica!

After that wonderful little piece, our tastes were still not satisfied for our thrill of deals.  Shenlei said she was going to take us up to Hyde Park, about a 10-15 min drive up Route 9, and show us an exquisite little antique place.  THIS IS MY NEW HAPPY PLACCCEEEEEEE. This place, the Hyde Park Antiques Center, is AmAzInG!!!!!! Its a beautiful old building that has many many MANY different rooms in it, each room is a different vendor. Each had just the absolute amazing articles collected throughout the ages.  I was in awe with the amount of old vintage books and other additions that were being displayed from many many years ago.  I was just sooooo happy to be there.   The amount of fabrics and textiles that were for sale was awesome.   We found a bunch of old crocheted lace all over, many different mink shawls with the actual heads still attached (thinking very hard about going back to retrieve one), Many different Victorian outfits and hats and accessories!!! I fell in love with one Victorian hat I found which I believe is a riding hat back in victorian times. It was soooo beautiful and I was on the verge of splurging on it when Shenlei said that this could easily be replicated. So she promised to give me a day of lessons to replicate it. We took a couple of pictures of the style and materials used so we can come as close as possible.  Shenlei found an awesome little treasure chest assortment of old jewels and messed-up pearls that she was looking for for only $5.  All sorts of little goodies in there including an actual boy scout pin, vintage crown matching cuff links, and much, much more.   ( it was the pearls she was after though.)

The EverReady Diner

Towards the end of the shopping trip, I stumbled across a pair of perfect condition vintage ladies hand gloves.  They were a lavender/gray color, very tiny but a perfect snug fit for my hands and made out of a very very thin suede.  I showed Shenlei, she said they were sooo under-priced and I needed to splurge…I paid all of $3 for these perfect treasures!!! lol Her mom finally caught up with us and brought us back to reality after playing dress-up when she said we’ve been there for almost a whole 2 hours…in 1 shop!!!!  and that she was getting a little hungry. So we scurried over to the cashier, trying not to look at all the wonderful new things we missed around us.  I found some old vintage books and these wonderful gloves that I can’t wait to put an outfit together for. I’m sure they’ll go great with my Sleepy Hollow Shadows Collection as well 🙂  They were such a steal.

After overwhelming experience of our vintage shopping, we headed to what is very common around here, an old-fashioned diner. Now, I’ve never really been to one before, but it was toooooo cute! It was a real old-fashioned diner that was all metal and very very 50’s.  Just look at the pictures!!!!! These are found all over the place here. This one is known as the EverReady Diner located in Hyde Park.  The chef is actually from the CIA. No, not the government program but the Culinary Institute of America which is actually located only about another 5 minutes or so up the road. (That’s pretty majestic itself, looks somewhat like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies. Shenlei suggested we plan dinner there sometime!!! 🙂 ).  The food was absolutely delicious at the EverReady and I actually wolfed down the whole Greek Gyro I had ordered without realizing how hungry I was from all the excitement of the vintage store.

Inside the EverReady: Note the Chrome Trim!!!!

It was a really fun day and I really can’t wait to go back. Shenlei mentioned that in the winter when business is slower, they have cuts in prices so well definitely have to go back then and see what else we can find.  I know there’s a really old pair of vintage cat’s eye (hot green) sunglasses I want there, but the price was too high for them. Keep your eyes out and let me know if you find a good pair! That’s my new obsession is vintage cat eyes. I would accept remakes or modern versions as well 🙂  Anyway, go around town and stop into one of these cutesy little stores, you never know what kinda treasures you can find!!!!

My New Crocheted Monokini!!!

Oh! and one last thing!!!..THE MONOKINI IS COMPLETE!!!! 🙂  Im going to have to add some triming on the sides to spice it up a little more but hope you like the design!!! Im already working on a couple more crochet tops I have in my head. Hope you enjoy the pictures and I’ll be in touch soon!

Hugs and Kisses!


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