More Images From Virtual Yellowstone National Park

Continuing our exploration of the data set for the mirror world of Yellowstone National Park provided by Dr. Brian Quinn, we had a chance to wade around in Yellowstone Lake.

In the following images, we show scenes taken from the shores of the virtual Yellowstone Lake, which now has water added. If you look closely, you can see an avatar wading around out in the middle of the virtual Lake.  She’s dwarfed by the scenery…but is a giant compared to the actual terrain.  The avatar shown is about 5 feet 3 inches tall, so she’d be a bit more than 52 feet tall in the scenery shown.

This virtual version of Yellowstone National Park is open to anyone to visit. To visit, simply create an account on, download your viewer of choice and follow the instructions on the web site.  There is no charge for an account and there is no charge to visit.  Yellowstone is one of our research projects in ScienceSim.  Please feel free to visit us there.