Our Accredited Course Through Buffalo State: FTT495 VIRTUAL FASHING

Our Avatar Apparel Design 101 course has been approved by Buffalo State University and will be offered for university credit the first time in June 2010 as FTT495 VIRTUAL FASHING.  The course is a 3 credit course taught during the Summer 2010 term and starts June 1 and runs till June 26.  Students register as non-matriculated students through Buffalo State University.  The credit they receive for this course may be transferred to other universities.

We will use our text book, Designing Dreams Ed. 2, which will be available on Amazon in April. We will meet virtually in our regions in ScienceSim. This is an accelerated course which meets daily for the full three week period.  Students are responsible for their own hardware and Internet access.  Students must also have a Skype account.

This is a fast-paced course which will take a beginning student through the process of avatar apparel design and merchandising.  Students should have good working Photoshop skills and know how to work with layers, brushes, styles, and effects.  Students will complete the course with a runway show of their work.  Students will be taught to develop avatar apparel using the patent-pending Black Dress Design development methodology.

Buffalo State University was founded in 1871 and has been part of the State University of New York educational system since 1948.  It is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools as well as various other accrediting institutions for selected programs.

For more information about registration, including a list of fees and tuition charges, please visit the Registrar’s page at the Buffalo State University web site.   For more specific information about FTT495, please visit the Summer 2010 schedule listing.