Views of Fernland on ScienceSim

We were honored recently when we were asked by the team at Intel Labs to develop 16 landscaped and terraformed regions for use in Aaron Duffey’s Fernland regions, which were recently seen as part of Intel CTO Justin Rattner’s keynote at Supercomputing 09.  The Fernland regions include a dozen outer regions developed for visual appeal, and four central regions which contained Aaron’s actual data visualization of his fern genome simulations.

The regions include about 100,000 life forms which include spores, gametophytes, and sporophytes.  (The gametophytes are the small flat green things, the sporophytes are the more fernlike objects).  We shot these images last Saturday, just before Fernland’s servers were taken offline to take over to the Supercomputing 09 site, but we held off showing them till after the keynote.  Here is Fernland on the ScienceSim grid, in all of its glory, ferns and all.

Remember, you can visit Fernland in ScienceSim – just make an avatar or Hypergrid over and then locate Fernland on the world map and teleport over.

Land in the outer apron regions – you’ll be rerouted because they are one megaregion, but once there, you will be able to see the entire sweeping set of regions.

Thanks again to the team for inviting the Fashion Research Institute to contribute to this effort for Aaron’s ferns.

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  1. You and your team took my science and made it into something breathtaking and beautiful. Thanks again for the time, effort and creativity you put into this!

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