Transformation – the Delicate Jewelry of Cocoon


Fashion Research Institute “Transformation”
Jewelry Installation for Designers in the Emerging Avatar Apparel Design Program

Saturday, 7 am PDT, in the scenic Shengri La  estate in Second Life.

A baker’s dozen of lovely ladies bedecked with opulent jewels and a couple of haute men in a romantic garden set showcase the exceptional work of Fashion Research Institute Marketplace designer Yoona Mayo (cocoon).  The quality of this designer’s work is belied by her fairly recent entrance into the jewelry making community.  Prepare to be romanced by the delicate elegance of these gorgeous pieces daintily draped around throats  and dangling from the ears of our lovely models, who will each display one set of Yoona’s work.  Please join us for this unique fashion-meets-art installation of fashion displayed artistically.

Yoona’s designer statement:

Cocoon Fine Jewelry.

SL is the world where the thing that I want to make can be made. I can make imaginary shape in SL, although there is a little restriction. I want to design a unique, beautiful shape and make accessories that actually exist.  I want to be always original…I am bearing it in mind although it is the most difficult to do, an original design.

I think that it is important to add individuality from the hint to the design because the hint  is received from various information.  I am delighted when my friend is pleased when accessories are presented.  Friend’s impression and opinion of accessories become hints of the following work.  The hint is very important for me.  My enjoyment in SL  is to make accessories. Prim’s transformation is difficult, and it is difficult to reflect my idea in accessories when there is upper limit of the number of Prim.  However, I get excited very much when my image was able to be reflected in  accessories under such situations.  Another enjoyment is a conversation with my friends. I often obtain  ideas and hints of the following work from the conversation with my friends.

The jewelry shown today is the culmination of a nine-month mentorship at the Fashion Research Institute.  Each piece is lovingly created from many tiny prims.

Please visit my main shop for many other wonderful items.

Transformation  is hosted and sponsored by the Fashion Research Institute, Inc.  FRI is committed to assisting emerging avatar apparel designers to bring their brand to the next level.

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