“Mainely Men” Corporate Men’s Wear in Shengri La Hope


A rare experience: men’s wear presented in visually compelling, interactive, engaging manner.  A dozen handsome male models work a dozen looks, showcasing how different pieces from the Mainely Men collection of corporate men’s wear may be mixed and matched to create very different looks.  Set in a pristine northern forest full of wildlife, please join our models as they showcase looks mixing plaids, windowpanes and twills.

Naturally, what is a fashion installation without swag? Tiny pinecones full of great dude swag are tucked here and there in the set – find them to collect the full set of men’s accessories.  And of course, all of our fashion isntallations are interactive – chat with the models, and in some cases, you can even join in.

Mainely Men showcases the corporate clothing of Debutante, the Fashion Research Institute’s lab line, which anchors the Shengri La Marketplace. Mainely Men will be held Saturday, October 24th, at 4 pm/SLT/7 pm Eastern in the Shengri La Hope region.  Please join us then.