FRI’s Open Classroom in ScienceSim


As part of our regular office hours on ScienceSim, Fashion Research Institute will be presenting a series of regular content creation events in the Shengri La Rosemary region located in ScienceSim.  Please join us from 1-2 pm ET ( 10-11 am PT) every Thursday to participate in our open classroom sessions.  ScienceSim residents are encouraged to attend.  The sessions are open to the public.

Today’s topic will include the creation of small showrooms which may be used for display space for projects, store fronts, or offices.  Our expert content creators will teach  attendees to develop a simple space with windows and signage space.  We will showcase five different styles developed from a basic template which may be further customized for the user’s specific needs.

The instructor’s completed models will be donated to the ScienceSim library for the use of new users to ScienceSim, and new users learn valuable development skills to apply to other creation challenges.  Please join us today or any Thursday from 1-2 pm ET.