Introducing a New Concept: the ‘3-D Virtual World Website’


Fashion Research Institute is pleased to announce its newest concept in the evolution of virtual worlds for business purposes, the ‘3-D Virtual World Website’.  In conjunction with its new website redesign, FRI has also launched its corporate web site in IBM’s v-Business grid.

By placing its corporate information within a virtual world region, interested parties immerse in a visually lush, rich setting where the company information is presented in context.  Topics are easier to locate and to remember their location when they are sited contextually, and when there are easy to understand ‘data pathways’ in the form of sidewalks and staircases.

Visitors to Fashion Research Institute’s Shengri La vBusiness land at the entry point, with a sweeping sunrise view and quick tips on moving, looking, and touching objects in vBusiness.  They then may start their explorations first at the avatar customization salon, where an array of premium design is available to them to customize their avatar.  Customization is provided for both men and women from the skin out, which is a good way for potential customers to sample FRI’s licensable avatar customization content for other grids.

From there, our visitors may explore our work in our various research areas, our innovative fashion design education programs, and our publications.  Finish your visit to our Shengri La vBusiness region by strolling the art walk, surrounded by swans and horse sculptures. And of course, all visitors to our region in IBM’s vBusiness grid may visit our region to obtain clothing and more for their avatars, which may be used anywhere on the IBM vBusiness grid, as our contribution to the other members  of the vBusiness consortium and their guests.

Please join us on Friday, October 9th, from 2-2:30 pm eastern for the official opening of this region.

Shengri La vBusiness is hosted by Adam Frisby’s and James Stalling’s new venture, SimHost.  We have been delighted with the service we’ve received in getting our new region moved in and set up, and would highly recommend SimHost for anyone seeking a reasonable, fast turnaround hosting option.









2 thoughts on “Introducing a New Concept: the ‘3-D Virtual World Website’

  1. Actually, the concept of a 3D website has been around since VRML tried to make the web 3D in the 90’s.

    The idea is coming to life now due to the fact that rendering realtime graphics at a level of quality that would entice users to use the websites is fast becoming commonplace. With the explosion of web-enabled 3D game engines, the concept is gaining a new lease on life.

    The problem for web designers to solve now is how to design websites that are both efficient in directing users to information and also beautiful. VRML was never able to solve those problems…

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