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We recently completed an entry to Social Designer’s 500 Pencils Competition.  This competition entailed designing a case which can contain the 500 Pencil product and can be used for display, transportation, or storage.

We designed and prototyped our version of a case which can store, display, and transport all 500 pencils in our OpenSim regions behind our firewall using our development platform.  Because the pencils arrive in twenty monthly allotments of 25 pencils each, we created a modular system which allows each new set of pencils to be easily added to the storage tower.  The tower swings open at a central hinge at the back of the case, and closes with magnetic toggle closures.  The pencils are arranged in a spiral carrier, which is slipped over a pin in the center of the tower for storage.  A top plate is slipped on last, which completes the the tower hinge.

When we had completed the design and generated a factory ready technical production specification using Black Dress, we then exported the region as an OAR file, and sent it over to Science Sim for public viewing.  You may visit “500 Pencils”, which is both an exemplary use of OpenSim for industrial design and prototyping, and a nifty bit of art, in Science Sim, in the Shengri La Pencil region.  To visit, simply create an account at, change the properties of your preferred viewer, and log in.  then locate Shengri La on the world map to teleport directly there.  Science Sim is hypergriddable for the grid nauts who prefer to just hop over.

O, and please vote for our design…it’s the only one designed in and prototyped using a virtual world, so it is already socially aware design!










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