Shenlei Winkler Speaking at Fashion Camp Saturday September 12


We will be presenting Saturday, September 12th at FashionCamp on the use of virtual worlds such as OpenSim to develop apparel, accessories and footwear for the $1.7 trillion apparel industry.  We will be showcasing our patent-pending design and development software application, which we have used for our own products to cut out up to 65% of the waste generated from a typical apparel design and development cycle.  Our solution is not only greener, it is more sustainable, as it slashes 75% of the design cycle time.  Presenting Black Dress at the FashionCamp, which is presented as part of the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, makes perfect sense.

Attendees at this event are the innovators of the industry, the visionary thinkers who want to explore new opportunities to help them develop better product for a marketplace in an economy that is changing literally under their stilettos.  Tickets for this event have sold out, but the following day, Sunday September 13th, we will be featuring a fashion installation of the work of one of our emerging designers, Misteria Loon.

Pearls of the Ocean will showcase her work in an innovative, immersive fashion installation in which the audience is invited to participate.  We hope you will be able to join us at Pearls on Sunday, September 13th at 11 am Eastern in our Second Life region of Shengri La.  Swag will be provided, of course, as well as the rare opportunity for the audience to become involved and even to model along with our regulars.  Do please join us as we take a fresh approach to fashion.


Pearls of the Ocean Immersive Fashion Installation in Shengri La SL


Fashion Research Institute is pleased to present designer Misteria Loon’s newest collection for Pas de Deux in an innovative fashion format.  ‘Pearls of the Ocean’ is an immersive, interactive fashion installation in which the audience is invited to engage with the  models and the set. This show will be presented concurrently with a joint audience at the Fashion Camp, held at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program Lab as part of an independent fashion designer’s event held during the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Members from this audience have been invited to log in and visit the events.

Pearls of the Ocean features eight lovely mer beauties and four handsome mermen arrayed in a unique set designed to best showcase the mer fashions of Pas de Deux.  Misty’s exquisite colors and her careful exploration of avatar apparel parameter space all emerge in one luscious collection of fashion displayed in a unique marine setting perfect for this collection.  Audience members are encouraged to purchase Misty’s ethereal fashions and to join in the set as part of the show.  Poses have been placed around the perimeter of the set, where audience members may join in and experience the modeling process.

Pearls of the Ocean will be held Sunday, September 13th, at 8 am PDT/11 am EDT in our Second Life region of Shengri La.  The region will be locked and closed at 6:30 am PDT and will reopen promptly at 8 am PDT.  The usual fashion swag will be available to our visitors, with free pearl jewelry to be discovered in a heap of clams and oysters presided over by the illustrious composer and musician Kyle Beltran.  Guests will be welcomed by the ever lovely Harper Beresford, noted socialite and SL fashionista.

Images below shot at one of the fitting sessions,  provided courtesy of the talented Callipygian Christensen.