Fashion Research Institute Provides New Default Avatars to ScienceSim


As part of Fashion Research Institute’s collaboration with Intel, we are providing our default avatars John and Jane to ScienceSim for the use of ScienceSim visitors.  New users who log-in to ScienceSim within ten days of making an account will automatically receive two folders, each containing one of these avatars.  The avatar folders will be given to them within 30 seconds of landing in Newton, the central landing point in ScienceSim.  A full corporate avatar look is provided in these folders, including hair, skin, shape, clothing, and even shoes.

Visitors can simply ‘drag and drop’ the avatar folder of their choice onto their default Ruthed representation.  This will allow our visitors to almost immediately change their look into either John or Jane.  The shape may be modified further, and additional avatar customization content is available in Newton.

‘Joahn’ and ‘Jane’ are provided to ScienceSim as part of the Fashion Research Institute’s collaboration with Intel Labs, and help extend Intel’s ScienceSim collaboration collaboration with Supercomputing ’09 for immersive scientific collaboration.