Field Trip to Shengri La Chamomile Today


Please join us on a field Trip to Shengri La(tm) Chamomile, the complex, highly detailed OpenSim region located on Science Sim.  The field trip is at 7 pm EDT on Wednesday, August 19.  To reach Chamomile, create a user account on the Science Sim grid ( and follow the instructions on the ScienceSim web site to create a new login shortcut.  Then, log in, and search for Shengri La in the world map.

Chamomile currently has ~ 130,000 objects in the region. We have found that the user experience is enhanced with the MJM Lab Hippo viewer; the Linden Lab Second Life viewer isn’t up to the task of viewing a scene of this many objects.

You will be able to customize your avatar with FRI’s default avatar, John and Jane.  Simply purchase the avatar box of your choice and then drop the folder containing the full avatar onto your current avatar.

Hardware and hosting for the Shengri La estate in Science Sim is being provided by Intel Corporation as part of our year-long research collaboration.



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