John & Jane come to Science Sim


In order to help our guests feel comfortable when visiting us on Science Sim, we’ve brought over the FRI default avatars, “John” and “Jane”. A full avatar from hair to shoes is included in each default, which may be obtained at the Saltwater House in Shengri La Chamomile at the landing point.

Simply purchase your choice of avatar for $0. Open your inventory and look for the folder, cleverly named FRI Default (Male or Female) Avatar. Then from within your inventory drag the entire folder onto your current avatar. Like magic, you will lose the default Ruthed avatar. Of course, you may further customize yourself, but John and Jane both make good starting points for the corporate or educational user.

John and Jane are both provided free of charge as a courtesy to our guests and co-residents on Science Sim. Please visit Shengri La Chamomile to obtain your new look!