Scrapbook Video: Misteria Loon’s Fairy Fashion Installation in Shengria La

Misteria Loon, talented designer of Pas de Deux, showcases her delicate vision of ethereal fairy fashion in this visually lush scrapbook video.  The video  uses imagery drawn from this event developed on her behalf and presented for her benefit as part of the emerging avatar apparel designer program, sponsored by the Fashion Research Institute.

The Fairy Fashion installation drew together a wide array of visitors, who kept the region full for more than two hours.  Unlike typical runway shows, where the audience is kept away from the models and the fashions they are presenting, this installation allowed the audience to talk to and engage with the models, and closely examine the fashions being presented.  Misty’s exceptional design ability was showcased for a sophisticated fashion audience, whose appreciation extended beyond polite applause.

Since last fall, Misty has been mentored by program Curator Michele Hyacinth and FRI CEO Shenlei Winkler. Weekly assignments and feedback helped her hone her skills and learn specific product development techniques.  We are please to have had the distinct honor of assisting with this bright new talent’s evolution, and it was a pleasure to design and produce her fairy fashion installation in our Shengri La estate. We will miss our weekly meetings with Misty, and her enthusiasm and optimism.