Spirit, Redux


We are pleased to have been able to restored Shengri La Spirit with all 41,793 prims of its original build.  Spirit has been quietly languishing in a welter of code since last May, when it was up and running on a version of the OpenSim code in the 4400s.  [1]

Spirit was originally built for performance testing. Spirit is an authentic build of very high complexity; it was not synthetic data generated programmatically.  Spirit provides an interesting data set to study because of the many prims of all sizes, some cut and convoluted and uniquely arranged; others feature sculpt maps, all arranged within a design that some regard as lovely, and others regard more as a compelling example of what the very early alpha code could be made to do.  Spirit was built when the OpenSim code base was in the 4400-4600s when the challenges to building were substantial. 

Spirit redux is now running on  r8737, which was created on 9th March 2009.  According to Justin, prim loading is a ‘heck of a lot faster than it used to be’.  It took 30 minutes on r4667 to load Spirit.  Now it takes about 10 seconds.

Logging back in to a build I had thought was gone forever was quite an experience.  Every tiny prim crystal was present; the great metal horses in the fountain continued their mad charge into the sea.  The flames in the candles still flickered, and drops of particle water rained from the central pillars in the meeting area. 

Justin and I are shown here, in Spirit version 1.  We have physics turned off, so the entire build is phantom and we floated for our snapped moment.













[1] We’d like to thank Dave Levine, IBM Research for collaborating with FRI on Shengri La Spirit.

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