Ode Hunts in the islands of Shengri La


We’re moving our usually scheduled Ode hunts to the 18th this month.  Our two monthly Ode hunts will be held on Sunday, January 18th at the usual times, 7 am and 5 pm slt. 

Please note to our loyal Ode hunters that the sims will be closed and locked an hour prior to each hunt to reset the sims and allow the butterfly handler to release the butterflies.  The islands close at 6 am, and at 4 pm slt. Anyone on the islands at this time will be asked to leave.  The islands will reopen, promptly at 7 am and at 5 pm. 

We hope you will join us for the only 5-island Ode hunt on the grid.  New users of Second Life in particular will find this a good opportunity to learn to move, cam, and generally engage with a sometimes confusing interface – and be rewarded with lovely pieces of jewelry for their efforts!

See you in Shengri La!