Last Day of Peace on Earth Hunt…

We participated in the Peace on Earth Grid Wide treasure hunt, and today is the last day to visit the lovely Shengri La sims and collect our offerings.  Two of our designers, Wollemia Sands and Xand Nagy, chose to participate, and of course, Debutante and the Fashion Research Institute also placed globes.

Debutante offers Viva Glam! in black:


The Fashion Research Institute offers Jingle, in Turquoise:


Xand Nagy of Kicks and Twirls has this to say about her offering:

This ensemble, which includes 2 flexi dresses with companion glitch pants (short and long), a skirt, 6 different shirts, a lacey undeshirt, and silk stockings, is based on a texture from a photo of a stained glass window in the Saint Louis Cathedral, the oldest Cathedral in North America, founded as a Catholic Parish in 1720 along the Banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans. We all know the story and tragedy of New Orleans, and this building has witnessed almost 300 years of that history. While the texture has been modified and abstacted to make an attractive outfit, remember as you wear it the story of the stuggle behind it all.


Wollemia Sands of Bull & Bear Career Wear offers Nicole, a lovely outfit for the professional: