December Events in Shengri La

We have a full calendar of events in or related to our activities in Second Life. 

Kicking it all off, our Emerging Avatar Apparel Designers are participating in the Peace on Earth grid-wide treasure hunt, now through December 31st.  Our designers have all created gifts especially for the hunt, and their work can be found by following the links included in the PoE globes.  Please visit the Shengri La Welcome Area to pick up information about the hunt, to find the Fashion Research Institute’s globe, and to learn more about our activities in Second Life.

Starting December 5th, we will host a special Candy Cane hunt benefiting CRY America.  100 candy canes, each stuffed with fashion, will be hidden on the Shengri La sims.  Candy canes are priced at $25L, all proceeds to benefit CRY America.  Some of the fashion items include gowns from the old Prim & Proper line, jewelry sets, boots, shoes, handbags and much more. 

On Saturday, December 6th from noon to 2 pm slt, Ahuva Heliosense will be hosting a party benefiting CRY America.  FRI is pleased to provide clothing and accessories in support of this activity and we hope that our colleagues and friends will all join us at the Crown and Pearl.


Saturday, December 13th from 6-pm slt, we will hold one of our raves, the Snowflake Rave, on Shengri La.  DJane Qee Nishi will be DJing, dress will be your best interpretation of winter (or snow, or ice, you get to decide). 


December 17th, we will hold not one, but two Ode butterfly hunts.  The Ode hunts are as ever, free to all, and are held from 7 am slt till the butterflies are gone; and from 5 pm slt till the butterflies are gone.  Please note that we close the sims one hour prior to the hunts’ posted start times to allow the butterfly handler to release the butterflies.  If you are present on the sims when we close them, you will be asked to leave the sims so she can perform her work in peace.  Thank you for respecting this request.


On Saturday, December 20th, we will hold a formal ball, Winter’s Majesty, with music provided by Benton Wunderlich.  Chestnut Rau has graciously opened her dance floor in Shengri La Love for this event.  Once again, this is a benefit on behalf of CRY America.  Dress is majestically up to honor the holiday season, and we will have a special outfit for the ladies, designed especially for this event. 

Throughout the season, we invite you all to visit, skate on the several skating areas, ride our free horses, or drive our free carriages.  We have both buckboards and pure white formal carriages with matching white horses, perfectly romantic and perfectly elegant.

We will also have the holiday market in the Welcome Area of Shengri La.  Please visit us to find all your holiday decorating needs fulfilled, and donate to CRY by purchasing any of the lovely items you will find under the trees.

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