Sysperia Poppy in the Small Gallery on Shengri La

Sysperia Poppy Opens in Shengri La
Sysperia Poppy Opens in Shengri La

The Fashion Research Institute is pleased to host Sysperia Poppy in her exhibit in the Small Gallery on Shengri La.  Exhibit opens Sunday, November 16th, and the artist will be available to discuss her work at her opening from 5-6:30 pm SLT.  Please join us in Shengri La at the Small Gallery for this opening of Ms. Poppy’s work.

Artist’s Statement follows:

This collection ranges from a few favorite works from early 2007 all the way to the most recent of my art pieces.

This is an odd showing for me, as most of my recent shows have been erotic.  So I’ve collected these less on a basis of the evocative  and more on the basis of my own personal evolution in technique and persepective.

I’ve enjoyed putting together these works. I’ve made a conscious effort to showcase a constantly changing style.

I’ve put an emphasis on fashion as it is a dearly loved topic here…I am a fashion fan myself.

As for Art itself, I’ve done dozens of shows, beginning in early 2007. I have adhered blessedly to a fringe following. I have been covered in Exibart and many online publications, including SLNN.

My training is primarily photographic with a fine art touch.  This is why I enjoy not just captures themselves, but the enhancement and transformation of them via digital painting and other means.
I showed in Rinascimento Virtuale Firenze in Florence. Show still presently running.

As for this collection:

Those avatars appearing in these portrait works:

Cellside Unknown, Callipygian Christensen, Vaalith Jinn, Voshie Paine, Subversive Vavoom, Snowflake Chaika, Nova Sakigake and some works are of my own avatar.

The bottom floor is generally recent fashion works and popular ‘glamorous’ portraiting.

The mid level are some personal favorites of mine and does include some abstracted work. The top floor contains a few very recent atmospheric pieces taken on my home sim, Chosen Misery.

Not all are for sale, some have sold out as a limited work.

If you’ve any desire for futher information, I’m always happy to chat about art.

Sysperia Poppy,
Multi-Media Artist
Digital Painter