Introducing the Shengri La Community Gateway for Apparel Industry Personnel

The Fashion Research Institute is pleased to announce that our Community Gateway in Second Life™ has been approved by Linden Labs.  The Gateway was specifically created to help personnel from the creative industries to become acclimated to and learn to use virtual worlds. 

The Gateway features content for both women and men, with submissions from some of the top designers on the grid so that new residents can develop an immediately fashionable look for their avatars.  The Gateway also incorporates information specifically created to help new users get up to speed quickly.  Topics include learning to move through the virtual world; designing your avatar appearance; dealing with communities within Second Life; and learning to use the content development tools provided in Second Life. 

The Gateway is sited in a visually lush development full of trees, butterflies and birds, making it particularly appealing to creative minds and visual learners.  Shengri La Mentors are often on hand to assist new residents in their first moments in Second Life, as they become accustomed to a brave new world.  Seminars at fashion design schools are planned for 2009, to expose apparel design students to virtual worlds.

While the Gateway was created for a specific audience, all are welcome to enter through our Gateway.  If you don’t yet have a Second Life account, the Gateway link will take you first to a page where you can register.  Then just follow the instructions to download Second Life, and log in.

We look forward to welcoming you to Shengri La!