Presenting Madcow Cosmos’ The Zodiac in Shengri La Peace


The Fashion Research Institute is pleased to host Madcow Cosmos’ The Zodiac series.  The twelve hororary icons have been created in Mr. Cosmos’ illimitable style (although not, surprisingly, his prim count!) The Zodiac opens Thursday, October 16th, in Shengri La Peace and runs till November 23rd.  Artist reception on October 16th from 1-2:30 pm slt.

Artist’s Background:

Madcow Cosmos was born May 23, 1978.  A chef by trade he resides in the pacific northwest of the USA and apparantly talks in the third person. 

Initially drawn by the simple-to-use creation tools, SL soon fulfilled his life long desire to make three dimensional virtual art.  Madcow has no formal training in any 3d rendering software or other artistic skills aside from the culinary, but enjoys working with art of almost any nature at an amateur level.

The inspiration for much of his art comes from an overactive imagination and a love of fantasy and myths.  When not hopelessly distracted building, Madcow enjoys helping others build and petting the cats that are walking across his keyboard

Artist’s Statement: The Zodiac 

The artist encourages you to to play on, photograph, lick, video tape, sculpt in clay, and dance nekkid about his work if that’s your thing.  Having had his fun building them he strongly suggests you have your fun with them in any way that doesn’t bother others.    Special thanks go out to Callipygian Christensen, Shenlei Flasheart of the Fashion Research Institute for the space, and the usual crew over at Harbinger’s Haven, oh and possibly your mother.

The Installation Gallery in Shengri La Peace

The Installation Gallery in Shengri La Peace