Five-Sim Ode Hunt in Shengri La

In honor of the Monarch Butterfly migration, the Fashion Research Institute is once again pleased to host a five-sim Ode butterfly hunt on our Shengri La sims.

Ode is a lovely jewelry set created by the inestimable Random Calliope.  Ode has been created in a large number of colors (22 the last I heard) which are transferrable.  This means that both guys and girls can hunt for these babies – gentlemen, it’s a great chance to collect jewelry that you can give to lady friends.  The fact the jewelry pieces are transferrable means that you can swap pieces until you collect a full set of your desired colors.  For that matter, collect them all!

Ode-containing butterflies will be released twice on Friday, October 17th.  The first release is at 7 am SLT, and the second is at 5 pm SLT.  The five Shengri La sims will be closed to the public one hour prior to the release and opened promptly on the hour.  There will be butterflies released on all five sims.  Not all butterflies contain a piece of Ode – which is why it’s called a Hunt.  To ‘capture’ a butterfly, just right click and touch it.  If the butterfly contains a piece of Ode, it’ll give it to you, and then vanish.

Bring your friends, or hunt on your own – either way, our visitors all assure me that they have a great time at the Ode hunts.  If you’ve never experienced an Ode hunt, the five sim hunts are enormous fun.  There’s plenty of room for hunters to spread out, and lots of butterflies released throughout the hunt. 

Ode hunts are offered on the Shengri La sims on the 17th of every month.  So if you miss this one, we’lll see you next month!

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