Piratical Rave in SL Shengri La Joy, September 19th

Talk like a pirate on September the 19th, and join DJane Qee Nishi at our piratical Rave to be held in the beautiful maritime sim, Shengri La Joy.  Pirate ships are being provided by Lia Woodget of the Black Spot Shipyard, which will be on display in Shengri La Joy this week (pick up a landmark at the Welcome Area or on the ships to go see ALL of her fabulous creations). 

Get ready to talk like a pirate.   Get ready to dress like a pirate (or a pirate wench) by stopping by the Welcome Area in Shengri La and looking for the Piratical Rave board loaded with free piratical poofers and other fun stuff.  Or, just show up in Shengri La Joy, dressed like and ready to talk like a pirate…..Yarrrrr!

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