Yay! Avatar Persistence Across Reboots and Relogs

OK, I’m not sure at what revision this happened, or who contributed the patch to do it….but last night, I logged in after working in OpenSim a bit in the morning…and discovered my prim hair still firmly attached to my head!  In a state of disbelief, I logged out and back in, to see if it was a fluke.  No, there was my hair, on my head, correctly placed.

Unconvinced, we rebuilt the region with the newest version of OpenSim code…I logged in…and there…was…my….prim…hair. Attached.  Correctly.  On my head.

Needless to say, this made me feel impossibly perky, since I can now proceed with the otherwise daunting task of attaching and adjusting all my other things like skirts, and jewelry, and shoes, and and and…

Behold: Hair.  Jewelry. Sunglasses.  Flexi Skirt.  Yay!

4 thoughts on “Yay! Avatar Persistence Across Reboots and Relogs

  1. Melanie –

    That is so great! I’ve been holding off doing a lot with attachment content since there wasn’t much point in attaching and adjusting if the object didn’t have persistence or attachment memory. This is a GREAT patch, from a purely content creator point of view. I’m sure others will feel differently about what the ‘best’ patch is, but as someone who is pretty attached to her prim hair….well. It’s just a great thing for we primcesses out there. (My thanks to Harper for the title…)

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